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MASTERPRENEURSHIP® The Merger of Management-Leadership-Innovation-Entrepreneurship

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Senior Executive Training San Francisco – New York City – Atlanta – Chicago – Las Vegas – Client's Choice

PROGRAM TITLE: MASTERPRENEURSHIP® 1-Day Executive Best Practices Program

• World's Leading One-Day Executive Development Seminar

• Mastering the Five Critical Competencies of Highly Effective Executives

• Delivering the Five Critical Capabilities of Highly Successful Organizations


Public Presentations: San Francisco - New York City - Atlanta - Chicago - Las Vegas

Private Presentations: Client's Choice of Date - Time - Location


Hypercompetitive Landscape

  • The current complex, continually changing, ever challenging domestic, international, transnational, and global economic, ecological, political, cultural, and social environments coupled with the threats of terrorism and natural disasters require exceptional organizational leadership. Success on the battlefield - business and military - requires timely collaborative strategic, tactical, and operational win-win asset allocation, effective risk management, and organizational alignment with flawless execution. Balancing multiple competing demands – most especially customer, employee and shareholder satisfaction – within the context of finite resources is the business of the day.
  • What are the critical competencies for executive effectiveness and the critical capabilities for organizational success in this environment? The MASTERPRENEURSHIP® 1-Day Executive Best Practices Program squarely addresses this question with mission critical/career critical actionable answers.

Roadmap to Sustainable Career and Organization Success

  • Research-based, comprehensive, cutting-edge — this executive development best practices program provides through faculty presentations, case studies, business analysis, action planning, group exercises, and extensive peer interaction, a unified, total-team approach to sustainable career and organization success.
  • The program is designed around our MASTERPRENEURSHIP® Executive Development Best Practices Model – a powerful, proprietary, innovative approach to organizational leadership and effectiveness. The model facilitates executive creativity, flexibility and adaptiveness, and has been built especially to help strategic top-level executives, tactical mid-level executives, and operational first-level executives succeed as an aligned and highly effective unified organization.
  • Held publicly in San Francisco, New York City, Atlanta, Chicago and Las Vegas or privately: Client's Choice of Date - Time - Location, this 1-day executive development best practices program is an intense, transformative learning experience developed over the past 3 years to fit the time constraints of busy executives.


Helping Top Talent

  • Upgrade to a unified, holistic view of the organization that aligns and integrates all the major management disciplines into a Masterpreneurship® Master Mind-Met.
  • Build a total-team organization for sustainable competitive advantage through the synergistic merging of best practices East-West-Business-Government-Military.
  • Acquire strategic-tactical-operational planning and thinking frameworks that are crucial for organization alignment, execution and the realization of critical success outcomes.
  • Improve personal and organizational decision-making.
  • Expand the ability to make significant, sustainable, systemic organizational changes.
  • Facilitate a more innovative, agile, and responsive organizational culture.
  • Develop critical creative leadership and change management competencies.
  • Update, broaden and optimize you executive leadership style and impression management.
  • Learn to more effectively eliminate team dysfunctions and promote team synergy.
  • Networking – Connect with peers of similar experience and ambition.


MASTERPRENEURSHIP® 1-Day Executive Best Practices Program?

Current and Future Executives

This program is specifically designed for current and future high-performance business and government executives whose organizations operate in critically competitive, geo-political/geo-economically challenging and rapidly changing markets, cultures, and technologies, including CEOs, SES and General/Flag Officers, COOs, CFOs, CAOs, Senior VPs, Military Officers O-6 & above, Government Civilians GS/GM-15 & above, General Managers, Division Directors, and other high-potential leaders.


Experience - Expertise - Education - Excellence
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All of our executive development presentations are led by two faculty members.

1. Masterpreneurship® Certified Senior Executive Trainer-Coach-Consultant with:

  • Five or more years of CEO experience.
  • Ten or more years of profit-center business management experience with P&L authority and accountability.
  • Commissioned Officer service in the Armed Forces of the United States, Canada or other NATO member countries with both command and general staff experience.
  • Both international business and government experience.
  • Ph.D. (or at a minimum a Master's Degree in business or public administration - to include military science, system science, public service or health care administration) from a major international public or private university.
  • At least two years of Ph.D. level studies/research in executives development.

2. Masterpreneurship® Certified Senior Business Development Trainer-Coach-Consultant with:

  • Ten or more years of profit-center retail business management experience with P&L authority and accountability.
  • Ten or more years of business ownership experience.
  • Entrepreneurial/Intrapreneurial expertise.


Public Presentation Cost: 1-Day

  • Regular Registration $1,250 USD per person.
  • Early Registration $1,000 USD per person.

Program Fees Include:

  • All assessment and training materials. 
  • Masterpreneuship® Executive binder and accessories.
  • Morning coffee and tea.
  • Program participants are responsible for their own travel, food, and lodging arrangements.

Travel and Accommodations

  • Program participants are responsible for their own travel, food, and lodging arrangements.
  • Due to varied attendee room preferences there will not be a room-block for this program.
  • You are welcome to stay at any hotel you wish.

Private Presentation Cost: Client Chooses Date-Time-Location

  • $12,000 USD within the Continental United States for up to 12 attendees, $500 USD for each additional attendee.
  • A deposit through our secure registration website of 50% by credit card is required upon booking.
  • Balance is due by corporate or cashier's check the day of the event.

XL Executive Development provides – as an independent contractor

  • All assessment and training materials.
  • PowerPoint presentation with memory stick.
  • All presenter and staff transportation, food, and lodging - all inclusive, no hidden charges.

Client provides

  • Training facility.
  • Projector, screen and computer interface for memory stick and PowerPoint presentation.
  • All attendee transportation, food, and lodging.


08:00AM – 08:30AM Executive Best Practices: Putting All the Right Parts Together.
08:30AM – 09:30PM Executive Leadership Assessment & Analysis.
09:30AM – 10:00AM Break
10:00AM – 11:00PM Executive Competency 1.
11:00AM – 12:00PM Executive Competency 2.
12:00PM – 01:00PM Lunch
01:00PM – 02:00PM Executive Competency 3.
01:00PM – 02:00PM Executive Competency 4.
02:00PM – 03:00PM Executive Competency 5.
03:00PM – 03-30PM Break
03:30PM – 04:30PM Executive Personality & Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Analysis.
03:30PM – 05:00PM Executive Best Practices: Achieving All the Right Results.


Public Presentations: 1-Day Executive Leadership Best Practices Seminar

Secure links following provide program details and registration information for the next available seminars:

Private Presentations: Client Chooses Date - Time - Location



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OVERVIEW — XL Senior Executive Advanced Leadership Training-Coaching-Consulting

  • PROFIT: This one-day on-site top executive development program is especially designed for current and future C-Level Executives, Business Owners, Board Chairmen, Chief Strategy Officers, Top-Management-Teams, Top Team Executives, and other high-potential business and government leaders. The program is first and foremost about maximizing shareholder wealth. It is based upon the premise that without operating capital, especially for R&D, companies cannot compete, customers will become dissatisfied and leave, shareholders will sell their stock and the business will fail. To succeed we posit 5 objectives. For business leaders they translate into the 5 Core Competencies of Highly Effective Executives.

  • BUSINESS SCHOOL: A prelude to developing these competencies is a sound education in the fundamentals of business. We therefore recommend in order of merit the following top ten business schools worldwide: #1 Harvard Business School, #2 Stanford Graduate School of Business, #3 Slone MIT,#4 London Business School, #5 INSEAD, #6 Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, #7 Cambridge (Judge Business School), #8 Columbia Business School, #9 University of Chicago: Booth, and #10 Hong Kong UST Business School. Please note that there are many more outstanding business schools with superb faculty,
  • CHALLENGE: The challenge is taking these business school fundamentals and not only translating them into your business - but interpreting the business context and competition to maximize shareholder wealth. On the business and military battlefield unified leadership with vision, mission, and clear objectives resulting in desired outcomes is absolutely crucial.
  • SOULUTION: This two-day XL Senior Executive Advanced Leadership Training-Coaching-Consulting Seminar is specifically designed for those advanced leadership and government leaders who seek superior personal and organizational performance through the mastery of the 10 Mission Essential Tasks of Leadership.
  • The Four Management Domains of XL Senior Executive Advanced Leadership Training-Coaching-Consulting serve as the framework for the program, namely:
    1. PERSONAL LEADERSHIP. Career-Success Leadership - Personal Focus.
    2. CUSTOMER LEADERSHIP. Profit-Center Leadership - Customer-Team Focus.
    3. COMPETITIVE LEADERSHIP. Competitive-Advantage Leadership - Competitor-Stakeholder Focus.
    4. STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP. Strategic-Advantage Leadership - Buy-Sell-Hold Shareholder Focus.
  • This program additionally focuses on executive strategic decision-making at the top and top management team effectiveness. The seminar is unified by our proprietary XL Senior Executive Advanced Leadership Training-Coaching-Consulting Management Decision-Making Methodology − providing world-class "dantotsu" - best of the best - east-west-business-military comprehensive total-team perspective on strategic competitive advantage, operational excellence, and the requisites for sustained superior personal and organizational performance to form the world’s leading 1-Day Public & On-Site Executive Development Training Program.

→1-Day Public & On-Site XL Senior Executive Advanced Leadership Training-Coaching-Consulting

Moving Beyond the Limits of Leadership

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PROGRAM CONTENT 1-Day Public & On-Site XL Senior Executive Advanced Leadership Training-Coaching-Consulting

  • Providing critical insights into organizational human behavior and motivation, competitive advantage techniques, innovative marketing concepts, operational and financial management, proven analytical tools, and strategy formulation and execution.
  • Harvard Business School journal/case studies.
  • Socratic, scholar, street-smarts decision-making methodology.
  • Executive-judicial-legislative-entrepreneurial mind-set modeling.
  • Lessons in leadership from East and West including Sun Tzu, Miyamoto Musashi, Elizabeth I, George Washington, Arthur Wellesley Wellington, and select current business moguls, military masters and more.

The Merger of Management-Leadership-Innovation-Entrepreneurship

KEY CONCEPTS XL Senior Executive Advanced Leadership Training-Coaching-Consulting
What every executive must Be-Know-Do-Deliver Diligently for sustainable career success and effectiveness.

Bridging the Gap Between Business School and Street-Smarts

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  • Bridging the gap between formal executive education and real world executive execution in highly volatile economic times.
  • Full Spectrum Executive Development Program: From Chaos to Order -- Putting All the Pieces Together.
  • Lean mind, lean body, lean business: personal and organizational fitness orientation.
  • Dantotsu©: seeking sustainable competitive advantage through striving to be the best of the best, thereby having an effective lead over others and serving as the pace setter.
TRAINING BENEFITS 1-Day Public & On-Site XL Senior Executive Advanced Leadership Training-Coaching-Consulting

advanced managerial leadership seminar, talent training, top talent training, 
top talent advanced leadership training, top talent executive seminar, talent seminar, top talent seminar, top talent leadership seminar, top talent executive seminar

1. Improve your advanced leadership career potential.
2. Move beyond the either/or limits of a management versus leadership mindset.
3. Understand the importance of global business models, especially in terms of shareholder wealth maximization (SWM), corporate wealth maximization (CWM), governance and the building of sustainable shareholder value within a multi-stakeholder framework.
4. Upgrade to a unified, holistic view of the organization that aligns and integrates all the major management disciplines into one master mind-set.
5. Build a total-team organization for sustainable competitive advantage through the synergistic merging of best practices East-West-business-government-military-scientific-street smarts.
6. Address personal, team and organizational change from a flexible response-readiness-fitness framework.
7. Understand your workplace personality, leadership, emotional intelligence, creative style, motivation, stress, and competency potential strengths and weakness and develop Action-Plans to address career success competencies, roadblocks and derailment issues.
8. Update, broaden and optimize you executive management style for continued career advancement.
9. Upgrade your executive decision-making capabilities.
10. Acquire executive sustainable leadership skills aimed at maximum managerial impact, personal and team confidence building, and better bottom-line performance.

The Fusion of Best Practices East-West-Business-Military-Scientific-Street Smarts

ADVANCED LEADERSHIP TRAINING TOPICS 1-Day Public & On-Site XL Senior Executive Advanced Leadership Training-Coaching-Consulting
Strategic Change Management; Competitive Advantage Marketing; Executive Decision-Making; Organizational Security, Safety and Survival; Crisis Action Preparedness and Disaster Recovery; Career Success and Derailment; Multi-Generation Leadership; Corporate Governance and Sustainable Shareholder Satisfaction; Culture and Job Fit; Customer Care; Executive Personality Dynamics; Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Multiple Intelligences Framework; Executive Workplace Personality Profile; Hiring, Selection, Promotion, and Succession Planning; Leadership Success with Effectiveness; XL Senior Executive Advanced Leadership Training-Coaching-Consulting Innovation, Intrapreneurship, and Entrepreneurship; Management - Leadership Synergy; Process Improvement, Executive Sustainability Leadership®; Operational Excellence; Use and Misuse of Power in Organizations; Scorecards/Dashboards; Lean Quality Service/Production Excellence; Shareholder Value Maximization; Stakeholder Optimization; Team Building; Strategic-Scenario Planning; Executive Priority-Setting, Executive Time-Stress Management and Executive Work-Life Balance.

ADDED-VALUE 1-Day Public & On-Site XL Senior Executive Advanced Leadership Training-Coaching-Consulting

This Advanced Leadership Program to:

• Emphasize Leadership Performance Excellence as exemplified by the Baldrige Criteria: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Measurement-Analysis-Knowledge Management, Workforce Focus, Process Management, and Results.

• Addressing and synergizing mission essential key concepts from traditional Executive MBA (EMBA), Global MBA (GMBA) and Mini-MBA core and advanced curriculum: Financial Statement Analysis for Executive Management, Global Business and Competitiveness for Executives, Human Behavior and the Management of Organizations, Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) Integration, Information Technology for Executives, Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Analysis for Executive Management, Managerial Accounting for Executives, Marketing for Executive Management, Operations Management for Executives, Organizational Investment Strategies for Executives, Quantitative and Qualitative Decision Methods for Executives, Risk Management and Uncertainty in Business, Operations Management, Financial Accounting, Organizational Design and Development.

• Cross-walk with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs), namely, leading change, leading people, results driven, business acumen, and building coalitions that especially align with individual competencies and requisite team and organization capabilities related to creativity and innovation, external awareness, flexibility, resilience, strategic thinking, vision, conflict management, leveraging diversity, developing others, team building, accountability, customer service, decisiveness, entrepreneurship, problem solving, technical credibility, financial management, human capital management, technology management, partnering, political savvy, and influencing/negotiating.

• Proprietary XL Senior Executive Advanced Leadership Training-Coaching-Consulting advantage.

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